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GitGutter requires Sublime Text 3.1.1 (build 3176) or newer.

GitGutter 1.10.x is available for backward compatibility with Sublime Text 2, but will not receive updates anymore.

Is git working?

The most common reasons for the icons to not show up are:

  • GitGutter can't find the git executable on PATH.
  • On Mac OS the "Xcode/iOS license" needs to be agreed to make git work.

To check, whether git is found and working properly …

  1. Open the command palette via Main > Tools > Command Palettee … or key binding Ctrl + Shift + P for Windows/Linux or ⌘ + ⇧ + P for Mac OS
  2. Search for GitGutter: Support Info and hit Enter.

A dialog is displayed with version information of Sublime Text and all packages being used by GitGutter.

If git was found on PATH and is working properly, the dialog contains a line like git version Otherwise some more detailed information about the reason for git not to work may be found in the console window, then. If not try again with "debug": true added to the GitGutter settings.

Git works in shell but is not found by GitGutter!

Some operating systems (especially Mac OS) may not run Sublime Text within the login shell. As a result Sublime Text and all its packages don't have access to some of the user's environment variables including the PATH to git.

In some cases the package providing git (e.g. Xcode) simply requires some user confirmation due to license changes and thus simply refuses to run git.

Sublime Text 2 may need the SublimeFixMacPath package to the PATH environment from the login shell. If git is working there, it will be found by GitGutter, too, then.

GitGutter can work with a certain binary, too. Please read the section on the git_binary setting.

GitGutter no longer works after upgrade

Please check if GitGutter works after restarting Sublime Text.

All modules of GitGutter were moved to modules sub directory to present them to Sublime Text as one package to avoid creating multiple instances of some modules and objects and reduce package loading time by about 50%.

GitGutter handles Package Control's post_upgrade event to reload all its submodules once after upgrading. In rare cases some modules might not be recovered properly and thus require a restart of ST to make GitGutter work again.

GitGutter keeps completely quiet

GitGutter is installed and loads properly without any error messages printed to Sublime Text's console, but keeps completely disabled in some or all repositories. Neither gutter icons nor messages are displayed in the status bar.

GitGutter is designed to keep quiet in the following situations when evaluation is expected useless:

  • disabled in Preferences.sublime-settings, project settings or view settings ("git_gutter_enabled": false)
  • the current view
  • shows a file which is not part of a git working tree
  • is not attached to a window
  • is read only
  • is a scratch view
  • is a widget ("is_widget": true)
  • is a REPL view ("repl": true)
  • has "Hexadecimal" encoding

Please check if one of those states was applied to your view by one of your packages.


With "debug": true the reason for GitGutter to keep quite is printed to console.

known issues

ConvertToUTF8 package is known to mark views as scratch during conversion without reverting that state reliably.

GitGutter doesn't add gutter icons any more

This is expected behaviour if GitGutter runs on Sublime Text 3189+ with "mini_diff": true or "mini_diff": "auto" being set in Preferences.sublime-settings in order to not interfere with the new Incremental Diff feature of Sublime Text 3.2+. In this situation GitGutter leaves the gutter to other plugins like SublimeLinter.

We don't need two indicators about modifications at a time.

GitGutter still works in the background to add modification indicators to the minimap as @sublimehq decided not to add this feature to the Incremental Diff.

If you prefer GitGutter's file modification icons in the gutter, you need to set "mini_diff": false in your Preferences.sublime-settings.

GitGutter doesn't show the repo/branch name in status bar

The default Status Bar Text Template was modified to draw the repository name and the branch name only if the git integration of Sublime Text 3.2+ is disabled.

If you still want to see them without disabling the git integration, you need to modify the Status Bar Text Template.

GitGutter doesn't recognize working tree

git 2.5+ allows configurations with .git directory not being located in the working tree root. You may also checkout multiple working trees from one repository. No matter which configuration is used, GitGutter expects a .git directory or a .git file in the root of a working tree to recognize it as such.

If the .git directory is not located in the working tree root the following steps are required.

  1. Configure the repository to point to the custom working tree by calling

git config --add core.worktree <path_to_worktree>

This step is required to let git use the custom working tree.

  1. Create a .git file in the root of the working tree which points to the repository's database.

The .git file must contain the line gitdir: <path_to_git_dir>.

The file can be created using the following shell commands.

Linux / Mac OS

echo "gitdir: $(git rev-parse --git-dir)" > .git


for /f %i in ('git rev-parse --git-dir') do set gitdir=%i
echo gitdir: %gitdir% > .git